25 Thoughts on Fitness and Nutrition


So…I just turned 25 a few weeks ago.

(Yes — I can finally rent a car!)

And something I like to do every year is reflect on what I’ve done.  Every year I try to do better in terms of improving as a coach and how I can make an even bigger impact. Ever since I entered the game and became a part of the fitness industry two years ago, I made it a goal to help as many people as I could.  I wanted to be a reputable and well-versed fitness professional.

Yesterday, I read two blogs, 31 Random Training Thoughts by Mike Robertson, and 32 Random Thoughts On Training by Tony Gentilcore. Both are great reads and you should check them out. I liked the idea so much that it inspired me to do one as well. In honor of my birthday, here are my 25 Thoughts On Fitness and Nutrition.

  1. The number one excuse that keeps people from working out is, “I don’t have the time.” Look, you either want it that bad, or you don’t. Make the time.
  2. A suppressed metabolism coupled with high frequency training will not get you anywhere near your goal. You can’t expect to lose fat when you’re eating less than a 1,000 calories every day.  Give your body a reason to release energy by eating MORE. Yes — eat more!
  3. Too many people are under the impression that training to the point of exhaustion is indicative of a good workout. Always leave something left in the tank to ensure optimal recovery. 
  4. Don’t delude yourself into thinking that you’ve earned a reward after only putting in a day of work by doing one hour on the elliptical. reward
  5. I hate to break it to you, but there are no specifics with regards to nutrition and training. There is no one size fits all program or diet.  Everybody is different, everything is individualized. 
  6. Additionally, not everyone is meant to squat “ass-to-grass” and not everyone is meant to overhead press.
  7. I love squats and deadlifts 😉2015-08-28 15.26.51
  8. I hate kipping pull ups.
  9. Take your warm ups seriously. Don’t haphazardly warm up and start moving big weights without priming yourself up mentally and physically. 
  10. With regards to injuries, most of the time the site of the pain isn’t the source of the pain. Remember that!
  11. Generally, the vast majority of people who suffer from chronic back pain can easily relieve that by simply releasing the tension in their hip flexors via soft tissue work (foam rolling, massage, active release therapy) and stretching.
  12. Wheat and Soy= Fake health food
  13. Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil= Good
  14. Women: lifting weights will not make you look bulky and muscular. Stop the cardio and go lift something heavy. I beg you!
  15. Your lats and your glutes are two of the biggest muscles in the human body. Utilize them!
  16. Don’t overlook the importance of proper positioning. Pelvic positioning is of utmost importance when it comes to performing functional movements. Stacked joints are where we want to be.
  17. If you strengthen in misalignment, you develop muscular imbalances. If you stretch in misalignment, you create instability. You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe.
  18. I believe everybody should train somewhat like an athlete.
  19. The purpose of plyometric work is to learn how to generate force (accelerate), but more so — how to absorb it (decelerate). You are defeating the purpose by doing box jumps and jumping back down repetitively.
  20. Weight loss on the scale is not indicative of progress. Conversely, gaining 2-3 pounds does not mean you’re regressing. Fluctuations are a part of the process.
  21. Losing weight or dropping body fat isn’t the problem, it’s keeping it off.
  22. Mobility is nothing without stability. Core activation, specifically with the anterior core is critical if you want to move an appreciable amount of weight.
  23. Most of the time shoulder issues arise from over developed lats and pecs. Releasing them with a foam roller or medicine ball will start to clear things up.
  24. I love pizza ;).20150306_161334
  25. If you can’t get your arms up overhead without dropping your neck (forward head posture) or over-arching your lower back (hyperlordosis), then you have no business overhead pressing a barbell. You have to earn the right to overhead press.
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