In-Person Training in Saipan

Live nearby, or perhaps you’re visiting? Come down to Gold’s Gym Saipan to work with yours truly. It has everything I need to provide you with an awesome training experience.

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One-time Consultation

Whether it’s training and nutrition, or perhaps you just want to go over lifting technique, your time is valuable. I’ll make it count. This is a one-time purchase fee.




Online Training/Consulting

The fact of the matter is, when left to our own device, hardly does it ever yield a positive outcome. It’s always better to have someone hold you accountable and make sure everything is up to speed. In addition to a new individualized program every month, you’ll have access to me for weekly reports.

I’ll provide the training materials and added support, so that by the end of 12 weeks, you’ll be ready to go on your own.

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