Success Stories

I am sure for the few who have invested in a trainer, might feel as I do about mine – that I was so fortunate to get him. I count my blessings and he is definitely one of them. He says my success is all me, and granted I know commitment has to start from within yourself to make anything you want to happen, happen. But even the best athlete with all his talent, may never reach his full potential without a great trainer either. And I know without a doubt, I could not have gained this much success without mine.

Joyce Tsuji

“I was incredibly fortunate to be paired up with Dre. He listened to my concerns, and we started slowly, building a strong foundation. As I got stronger, he helped to push me through plateaus, and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Not only did I get a great trainer, I also got a friend. I would recommend Dre to anyone looking to step up their game.”


“I was approaching my 24th birthday when I made a decision about my health. I’ve never had a personal trainer nor have I ever enjoyed exercise much but Dre made my entry into the world of fitness and health seamless. Though it’s been more than a year from when I set my 100 pound weight loss goal in one year, I have lost 70 pounds since then. Though my experience with Dre, I’ve learned so much about a proper healthy diet and have discovered the importance of the daily exercise.”

Krystal Mendoza

“My life is very different from the first day I made that decision to join the gym. I still occasionally have my perfect day with the remote control and I’m still on medication (at a lower dosage). But the difference is….I can say I exercised today. Dre has helped me get off my butt and do something for myself (health-wise). That’s more than I did in the past.”

Suzanne Tadaki

“I first met Dre in January 2014. I`ve been struggling with a bad knee for a long time, I had one surgery behind me and faced a long time with rehabilitation. My workouts used to be all cardio with a minimum of weight lifting and strength training, something that changed quickly after a couple of sessions with Dre. The variation of exercises, the encouragment and a knee that started to heal made me look at training in a different way. I quickly learned to love the dumbells and most of all, the foam roller. The results were amazing, both on the inside and outside and I wouldn’t be where I am today with my training without the help of Dre.”

Ticksy Hargeby

“Dre has helped me by providing a training plan which challenged my body and me feel like I was actually achieving something. Having not set foot in the gym for so long, the first session was challenging for me, but I realized what hard work felt like and I enjoyed it. Working with Dre has definitely helped point me in the right path to fitness. I am very happy with the results thus far and doubt that I would have been able to achieve them by myself.”

Ruby Flores