Fake Health Foods To Avoid

It’s been a minute srelaxationince I’ve posted a blog up (been slacking as of late), so I have to say it feels good to get back on that horse.  A lot has happened within the past month and a half that I still can’t even fathom what just happened. You see I’m the type of person that when I attain a certain goal, I’ll quickly move on to the next.  I’m a nomad, if you will, because I can’t keep still. I’m always moving. “I‘M A DOER DAMMIT!” However, I will enjoy this moment for a brief stint —I am my own boss! I officially made the jump from working at a commercial gym as a trainer/coach to owning my own business. Okay back to work!!

painandgainWhile I am elated to see that more and more people veering towards living a healthier lifestyle—usually from a wake up call, or better yet a b**ch slap in the face from father time—it’s really disheartening to see the media continue to publish crap that makes us scratch our heads because it creates a lot of confusion. Needless to say, there’s just too much information out there and we all know if it’s on the internet, it must be true. Right?



Contrary to popular belief, wheat bread is no different than white bread.  All breads for that matter should be avoided at all cost, if not minimally consumed to a lesser degree.  The reason for this is that all of them are made from the same ingredient…wheat! When you consume refined wheat you are basically assimilating empty calories (low in nutrients), in addition, to a rapid spike in your blood sugar.  Moreover, gluten, a non-digestible protein found mostly in wheat, has also been shown to put a damper in our immune system, diminishes brain function, and leads to gut issues.  Ezekial bread is a great alternative.


2. SOY

For the better part of a decade, we have been fooled into thinking that soy is good for you. “BUT SOY IS GOOD FOR YOU!” Soy, much like wheat, is found in almost every processed food in the market.  The prolonged consumption of soy reduces thyroid function, people.  It basically turns off your metabolism.  Moreover, it inhibits the absorption of protein by reducing your body’s ability to break it down.  Whether your plan is to build quality muscle or lose fat, soy will disrupt that.


3. LOW-FAT yogurt

Research has shown that fat isn’t the culprit of obesity.  Fat is essential not only for hormone production, but also it is the preferred source of energy for the body— which lends itself to the fact that buying low-fat dairy products is actually doing more harm than good.  Low-fat dairy products are not only incredibly low in fat, but they’re low in nutrients, and also extremely high in sugar and filled with artificial sweeteners to make up for taste.  This in turn, will further suppress your immune system.  You’re better off buying them whole and preferably organic, as opposed to low-fat.

Next time you go grocery shopping, don’t just look at the nutrition content. Delve into it a little bit more by looking at the ingredients.

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